Refresh Your Home in an Hour

Unexpectedly a friend of yours has called you and asked you if it is appropriate for him to stop by your place or even worse your mom called you last minute to inform you that she will not only come to your house, but will stay for dinner, and you arflower-729514_1280e having something between a panic attack and despair. What you know for sure is that you need to present your house in its full glamour. But what you are aware of, as well, is the fact that you haven’t cleaned this place properly for the last couple of weeks and that the last spring cleaning you performed was indeed a couple of springs ago. However, you will have time to think over your careless and so stupid behaviour, when the guests are gone. For now, you need to find an easy solution that will not take you that much time. For now, you need to refresh your house as quickly and efficiently as possible. That is how:

Declutter First

Remove all those things that are making your house look messy. You don’t have enough time to sort them out and arrange them properly, so think of that room, which won’t be visited by any of your guests and put everything there. The best choice here is the closet.

Vacuum and Dust Second

Now really quickly and carefully vacuum the entire place and remove the dust from absolutely every surface. These two will not make your house look perfect, but are essentials, so never skip them.

Pay Attention to the Details Last

Now walk through your house and look for the cleaning problems that are most obvious. There is a stain right in the middle of the white carpet, clean it. There is another even more serious problem, concentrate on it instead.